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Did i have sleep paralysis or sleep walking or paranormal experience

I dont know if I had a dream or had an experience with something weird , when a few days before, I had a re-occurrence experience which I didn’t have for several years.

I remembered, that night, thirak was asleep on my right as always, our hands clasping as always. Then , I felt his hands un-clasp mine and move away.

Seemed like a while later, 2 fingers grabbed my mouth gum inside holding it up, opening my mouth really wide and the left arm went round my neck, choking me. REALLY TIGHTLY!

I started to feel breathless; my saliva was stop at the bridge of the arm where I was being choked.

I FELT LIKE I was going to choke to death in that spilt second, and i was so so helpless, that i don’t know why, for some reason i stop trying to get out of the situation and told myself, to stop struggling and be strangled to death then. i think i felt my energy ran low and lost my strength to want to fight. I remembered vividly, seeing the person’s image that strangled me, his face. Short sunken in face with short slimy black hair, face a square shape. And pale looking. he was a thin as thin as a stick man.

So I did stop, for a while, and while I stopped struggling and could feel the tightness pulling into the throat of mine, something triggle me not to give up. so i got my energy together once again and remembered Thirak on my right and decided to get his attention by kicking him to help me. i pushed all the energy towards the right to kick Thirak to wake him up.

So I used my right arms and legs to kick really hard at Thirak. i tried to scream but No voice came out, as expected. The strength I used to kick seemed so bloody pointless and vain less, and there was no response from him at all. MAYBE Thirak was so deep in sleept. COULDNT HE FELT ALL THOSE KICKING! i thought to myself!

Then I started trying my voice again in anther direction, calling, J..e..s..u..s. ………………….J..E…S..U..S! i remembered choking at it. I choked myself screaming as I thought I could. CALLED AND called.

And I started crying. Sobbing.

The hands released my throat and fingers released my inner mouth in that second then.

I laid there ALL daze and SHOCKEd in that moment , and …….sobbing, and really shocked, EYES wide open in a daze. Paralysis to the incident for a moment. then i started looking around. NOBODY was in the room and when I recollected myself in seconds, I turned to the right, THIRAK WAS NOT THERE. he was not at my side sleeping.

Gosh where was he? I started sobbing again. i started thinking nonsense then.

Then i heard the bathroom door open, Darling Ak came out. Mumbling to me that he had diahorrea the whole night when he realized I was awake. when i saw him, i started crying again. Happy he was ok and well.

What follows of course was Thirak consoling me and hugging me back to sleep after he realized I was sobbing and shocked. Still he probably thought I had a bad nightmare, which till today I thought it was so real and I didn’t seemed to be asleep. i looked at the time. its was 630am.

In MY younger age, I used to have what science explainable, sleep paralysis” Physiologically, sleep paralysis is closely related to REM atonia, the paralysis that occurs as a natural part of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when the brain awakes from a REM state, but the body paralysis persists. This leaves the person fully conscious but unable to move. The paralysis can last from several seconds to several minutes “by which the individual may experience panic symptoms and the realization that the distorted perceptions were false”.[ I used to experience it so very much, it became a NORM to me, the only thing was, I was very very young then. simple fact for this was overly stress…blah blah blah… i was overly stress when i was young?

I don’t know what this choking experience or maybe a dream of being choke is. It surely seemed too real to me.

Was I being too stress during then? Maybe I was and started choking myself ?? Or too stress that I DREAMT badly.

After thirak embraced me to sleep that night while I was sobbing, he felt asleep. I didn’t’ go back to sleep. I woke up to go to work early.

I went to the bathroom to bath and wash-up, and stare at the mirror. My neckie was red.

that morning i went to work with a fever and by evening it subsided.

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