• Serena Tan

Dinner at Alijunied 7th Month

Food wise, wasn’t very wise and very plain and not interesting. Drinks wise, I believe the table drank about 3 bottles of Martell VSOP ! The waitress either was instructed to pour like ¾ full the normal glass of NEAT Martell or was just pure moron thinking that the MARTELL is just another type of BEER. Or probably was told to drunk-ered the people so the bids would be higher or whatever!

7 glasses of MARTELL for us all, finished 1 bottle of MARtell! AND 3 of the drivers had to stop at the first glass after that with the other drinkers chasing and chasing and the waitress, infact all that the waitress served like ¾ full OF MARTELL in every one serving…

EASILY 3 bottles last evening with a span of 3 hours!

Free one, the AK say, the way the waitress pour, consumers will say “good Good”.. Must pay, consumers will say….”hallo, martell not like that pour one hor!”””

So last night the way the waitress pour, nobody uttered a word!

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