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Dinner at Macpherson with new happenings in my room

The computer had a relapse! The virus came back to an attack part two and made me lose my blogging rights.

Its was just so darn handicapped and how me and the AK tried to revive the low-immunity system, it just won’t budge.

The weekend saw us and our uncles and aunties having a satisfactory dinner over at Macpherson seafood, other yet scrumptious and mouthwatering type of courses dinner. The uncle steven gave us a bonus treat because the daughter of his (my cousin) had a transit over in Singapore. The restaurant was a 2-storey shop house and not the high class type of restaurant but the food tells much more story about the restaurant and the delicacy of the cook..

We had large clam shells with 2 sticking eyes protruding in a clam covered with fried garlic, 3 large crabies, really huge with pathetic bee hoon. Pork ribs with chicken as a cold dish not enough to spread among us, mini plate of Hor fun that looks unappetizing but it was not too bad.

The cook really had no mathematics education; every dish served had not enough for some, even a mouth..

Of course there were whisky and more red wine to go around and before long, the uncle and the AK were Merry-Making which landed me parents the AK and me at kings for some occasion for a little while.

It was unforgettable definitely; the last stop definitely was 156….


Btw, Saturday the room we reside had a new flat screen tv hung on the wall. Daddy had bought it for us, swop with our old-fashioned bulky tv to the outside!

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