• Serena Tan

Dinner for Ex-calvarians

The ex church of ours CCC which is VFC invited us over in Tampiness Main Branch for a night of dinner. The dinner was meant to be for the ex-calvarians who had left the church a long long time, in regions over the next few days.

Food served was quite taste, with un-professionals part-time waiters/waitress by the churchgoers that really pissed my off.

Church people – are a little too friendly in their zealous self to want to show the love of God in them, thus becoming too fake! Church goers in wanting to be God like, put on the smile on them too much, until it wasn’t that natural but WHEN you are in CHURCH, esp, they continue to light up burning up the over fuel energy! Thus in turn, become over doing!

What’s worst, this lady who was the part time worker waitress at our table, was f***ing over-reacting and trying to get the best of her service.. trying to be super friendly and trying to over pour her love to us, until it was so un-like of a humans…

Kept pestering me to eat while I was trying to get seated when we first reached there… UNTIL I had to tell her off “” can you let me settle down first? “””

Then kept pestering me by tapping my shoulder ALL The time to eat eat eat..

Ok a little over board friendliness…

Anyhow, the whole dinner was okay, organize and I guess they wanted to recruit their ex old members back

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