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Dinner for Yeng n Florence

Buffet dinner time with complimentary Red Wine..

the evening was pouring and was super cold, so we were quite happy we actually got the outside seats, it was quite cosy as well. the indoor dining area was freezing.

one of the highlight of the evening was,. a group of people from a certain company was holding their event at this buffet dinner area , their dinner as well in the same place with separated seats of course. So, for a period of moment, they were gathered together in a large group and decided to hold their exchange gifts or lucky draws i don’t know, RIGHT in the middle of our dining area,


Inside me,  of course i was going irritated, then i remembered, in dining areas, we are always told to minimise our laughter and lower our volumes because in dining areas like these, are not appropiate. so when the group got really loud and shouting and laughing,

I called the manager after almost 20 mins. i think..

i said :” we chose this place because of the quiet ambience and i intend to catch up with my friends and i don’t understand about these noises made by the group..”

Apparantly, some of the customers have also complained to the manager.

she apologised and said she will go over..

she did, but just standing behind the group to show us that she WAS TRYING!

just happened they were dispersing and went back to their seats for more buffet, she came round and apologise again. “ i didnt see you do anything” i said to the manager.

she said she tried to get into the attention of the organiser/ speaker during then, but just nice they ended their programme.

i said they shouldn’t allow them to hold even their programme in the dining area.. I asked for the manager’s name and she gave her name card. i know she was stuck in between , but still.. dining areas are just what “it” should meant, “DINING”, not playground. when we foot the bill, the manager was kind enough to appease us by giving us extra 5% on top of our 15% discount. I think we were quite appease and alright, we forgo that half an hour of awful noise ..

the sushimi is KOBIA!

Prawn SOup.

not Well cooked while waiting for Yeng

The group that ROARED for almost half an hour

while waiting for Yeng

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