• Serena Tan

Dinner with my Ex-colleagues

Last evening we had A WONDERful time gossiping and chatting over dinner at SZECHUAN KITCHEN at SwissoTel.

me, WEE, Foo, Kaur, Tay & THAM!

6 of us = S$330 after discount lor.

Beijing ya (DUCK!)

food was good but the chat was better.

Ever heard of someone that took S$0.20 COINS worth S$100 to the Chinese Provision Shop and BUY MUSHROOMS & other herbie stuff? Yup, we sure heard she brought ALL COINS to purchase food stuff. that was sensible and VERY CUTE!


so we ended our gossipy chat at 10pm and took the train home while the richer took the comfort that comes with CHAU–FFAUR!

GAGA! it was nice to do gathering after a long break in between..!

ah WEE said must do one more for the NEW YEAR!

btw, this was meant to be gathering for christmas… geradine didn’t make it..

mint – after your exam pass me the pictures of yesterday ya.. thanks

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