• Serena Tan

Dirty Laundry Meme

The meme express was having this Dirty laundry topic:

Not pre planned, i came and did the questionaire in the first answer i had! Since most knew i like household chores…

1.Do you like doing laundry? yeah !

2. What tips for laundry can you offer? I have no tips. white and coloured seperated !

I ahhhh… its the next question that i wanted to say….

3. What is your favorite detergent?

– Dettol for clothing – Dynamo – & lastly, softlan

4. Do you always do laundry on a certain day of the week?

Almost the middle of the week once (try to) and end of the week the whole lot. Its all hand washy!

5. What is in the bottom of your laundry basket right now?

Our used clothings for this week. darling ak and mine.

6. What does the expression, “laundering money,” really mean?

me= spreading the money about else where, cleaning it up

7. What other meanings might the phrase, “dirty laundry,” evoke

what else. don’t wash your dirty laundry in the public ,.. isn’t it?


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