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Do you remember having lunch at Primary school

My Selection: Primary School lunches:-

Do you remember eating lunch at school? – I can’t remember a thing, queuing up buying or the price of any of my primary school canteen food. I can’t remember I only can remember buying stationery at the stationery shops, hanging around the stationery shops and getting rubbers. Erasers i mean! Gosh!

Did you purchase your lunch or bring it with you? – I doubt i brought any lunches.

Did you carry a sack or a lunch box? – NEVER!

If you had a lunch box, what was on it? – NEVER HAD ONE!

What was your favorite school lunch? – BEE hoon. it was only bee hoon. Or maybe i didn’t eat. Still hanging around the stationery shops getting pencils. I can’t remember my school lunch still!

What was your least favorite menu item? – should be Malay food.

Do you remember any of the cafeteria staff? – Yes one old woman, image vividly in my mind wor! and it was the Malay staff in the canteen.

What friends sat with you for lunch? – think we had to sit with our buddy for the first few days, later, it was vague. should be as a class group sitting in the canteen, lone benches with long wooden tables.

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