• Serena Tan

Does ghosts brush teeth?

Spooky spooky…

I was brushing my teeth and I hear a strange noise after cleansing the mouth. The noise of someone brushing the teeth on the other end of the toilet.

The 2 basin in the ladies toilet are cubicles are separated by 5 toilet cubicles And me was on the left hand side basin. So I thought someone might be on the other end brushing away and I peeped over but there were none, noone.

Then there was gargling sound…,,, oiiooiooi , and I peeped at the other basin again. Noone…

Could be someone at the stairway beside the ladies that is probably doing the washing of the teeth?

The guys toilet is miles away lor, so not in the suspect list!

So I stood and listen until some other real ladies humans entered the toilet and the sound stopped completely.

Me walked out smiling. Maybe I was too tired!

Does ghosts brush teeth?

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