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Doing gossipy during my leave

Updated: Apr 29

I had a lazy day doing practically nothing except lazing and eating at home.

NOt surprisingly, the time passes so fast.

While the famous quote of the month is:-

“What Thing” the world famous snoopy beagle quote!

its good to rest like that sometimes, too much would be too much!

+ some groceries shopping and makan at the central.

buzzz.. i noticed the toto number 05 has appeared consecutively for the last 3 openings.. then the 156 had so much amazingly gossipy real stories, its fun to listen to some at times when we are seated.

then you would think whether the other listeners have ever heard our stories .. yeah i should think so, caused the whole 156 knew about our trip in Bangkok, or the next destination. The gaps of people… maybe sometimes me too… its nice to gossip chat, but of course, to the right person. Gaga

Tons of gossips, just recently we had a young chap of age, say 40 agey plus, would appeared in the middle of the morning night to grap a cigerette from the AK, Ah Chai or any available cigarette he could rip, especially on the table of ours.

Sigh.. the people of coffeeshop

there are about 5 people so far that rip cigarettes., from the table of ours and the AK. Imagine, 1 night 5 cigarettes emptied from that expensive box of yours.

why should we feed them an item not neccessary .. rather its more like an enjoyment. I doubt we owe them an enjoyment.

We definately do not owe them! Gaga Sigh. the nerve and dare of them!

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