• Serena Tan

Don’t visit Doctor on the 1st & 15th day…

Dor thi Jojo Keun Ni Kin Lao Martell gup thi-rak AK, Yeng Jean jifa. Senuk senuk!!

then: It’s the Chinese 7th Month and MeuaWan was the first day. So when I made appointment to see Desmond last evening, I was expecting lesser crowd.


I thought I remembered Desmond told me once that on the every 1st and 15th of the Chinese calendar, people generally do not see Chinese Sinseh.

And it was TRUE! (ture)

Usually I very KS, I reached at 545pm, to queue with thi-Rak Ak to get our queue number.

The last visit was terrible. Even thought I arrived at 545pm, my queue number was already at No.12. And by the time we waited to see Desmond and get our medicine, it was 8pm.

Last evening was splendid! I got queue No.2 and by 7pm, I was having my dinner at home. So it was good and its TRUE, no crowd, though, there was people, the usual crowd wasn’t that bad.

Moral is see Desmond on the 1st & 15th of the Chinese calendar month. That is , if you are not superstitious


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