• Serena Tan

Double Voice echoing in my ear

Million Fishball at the old MaySin is fabulously nice. Even I had it plain had me whip up an appetite! Try it its nice, efficiently fast serving as well! The coffee is blend to the blend until no more blend can be. You imagine you are paying a S$0.80 for a cup of plain black water instead!

I really don’t understand the nerve of the coffeeshop drink shop owner who DARE to serve a tasteless blendless coffee. No standard and very the LOW CLASS MAN!

I am having double voice by the way. When I talk I hear an echo, my own voice repeating after my left ear! Not easy to have a double voice okay! Not many can have this ability alright!!!!!

So enjoy the slight deafness for the moment while I can get to experience it YAH!

I wonder if today’s symptom is a recovery sign or a worsen sigh…

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