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Down at Johor shopping Mall Josco

I’m totally hungry and I can’t believe it, just before we left Johor this late afternoon, we had a good steamboat like ‘cocoa’ before setting off back to Singapore. Then just before we step into our house, we bought a packet of Hokkien mee to share and now my stomach felt as though, it’s been without food for a few days.

What made it worst was the SWAMPED of rashes on my neck on both right and left sides. It’s itching quite a bit and I was starting to wonder if its shingles or not. But there is no pain so probably its really rashes.

Just a few days ago, me and Audrey were into the neck cream for our going-to-be-wrinkled-necks and so, we went to Sasa last Thursday to get a bottle of moisturizer for fine lines for the NECKIE. I started the application on Friday and just Sunday, I recalled feeling the itch already. Not quite sure if the rashes had something to do with the moisturizer or something else, but didn’t do anymore things out of the ordinary..

at JusCO waiting for the bus to fetch us home in the RAIN

Erhhh……. So itchy so itchy… yes, I have applied the Hydrocortiscone, which the doctors already said, this was the best…like i cannot apply more than ‘how many times a day…” but it was so itchy .. so itchy.. I think in less than 4 hours, i applied like 2-3 times already.

Maybe the energy to combat the itchiness was doubled, so in turn, it probably burned out quickly the food I intook which caused me to be so hungry. So hungry so hungry…. i NEED food…

I actually felt asleep tonight already, but I was woken, by my stomach and the itchiness.

It wasn’t the best time of the year to clear my leave, I know, but because it was a number of leaves, and I just needed to clear a few before it gets ForFEited, so I was on leave and Mummy’s prayer group, was organizing a bus trip to Johor, and I went along.

And it was good. It was good because I think we went to the biggest shopping mall in Johor and the fact the currency was in favour of us, the clothes in the malls and The Face Shop products looks more interestingly appealing and reasonable to buy, which I did. Of course not forgetting, the Vincci Padini shoes. This time round, the batch of the shoes and scandals designs were not really fitted for my feet, so was quite a little disappointing, because I was expecting to grab lots more pairs.

The steamboat we had was very ordinary, we ordered a set which had FISH GLUE sss and the usual steamboat stuff. And with the CHILLI just tastes like COCOA restaurant… Just enough for the 5 of us, chicken soup based. This set of steamboat meal costs RMB59.00. YES a set with reasonable ingredients. RMB59.00 using today’s exchange is about S$24.58 and if we divide among the 5 of us,

ONE mouth would costs ~ S$5.00!

where can you get a steamboat in a restaurant in a shopping mall at S$5.00. steamboat does not need any cooking skills from the restaurant, so it was just like any other steamboatsss and the price was seriously good and super duber reasonable. Well, we had quite a laugh during the journey there but I post soon, need to hit the bed quickly to recover my rash-hy condition. So itchy so itchy…….


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