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Dragon Fly 2

Link:- http://lovemysnoopy.blogspot.com/2006/12/ dragonfly-st-james-power-station.html

Remember the last time we kana from dragon fly, power station?? Treated us like criminals from the bouncers? At dragon fly even! It finally out in the news!


The bouncers do not earn a fucking share in the disco, the job is to organize and not to scream and command the consumers around,. in a simple word, they are just a watch dog. We the consumers, the spenders, who throw out the money are their salaries, we are the ones that determined their salaries. I believed much more consumers salaries are way more than them but given a job there, they treat us like dogs and criminals, screaming us around and commanding us like what? Tell us nicely, we understand?


I believed all these bounders attitudes, in time to come, out of job , one of these days will come under scrutinized by us, even probably some , word under us, why the fucking commanding attitude? They thought they in army camp is it ?

We pay money to go in yet? Kana fuck by them before go in! nevermind!

What are bouncers? who are bouncers situated in a club, so called guarding the premises? Can easily been employed anywhere! As people SAID before, pay peanuts, get monkey! Don’t assumed just because it’s a hot club in town, you assumed your own position, and do the commandos as thought we are SOO SOOO desperate to get into a HOT CLUB IN TOWN because ITS NEW IN TOWN AND WE HAVE TO ABIDE AND SALUTE TO THE ENTRANCE GUARDERS (bouncers) before we are allow to enter into the dragonfly to burn our pockets….

note: we are attacking the bouncersss…

Link:- http://lovemysnoopy.blogspot.com/2006/12/ dragonfly-st-james-power-station.html

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