• Serena Tan

Dream of War

Gosh, the mass circulation about Edison Chen and his numerous ex-girlfriends nude picture have become an everyday topic in and out of the news, the newspapers and more even in the internet. Every min, it seems, it seems to have newly posted pictures. The circulation and posting is faster than any virus I think! And I guess there is no one they can blame except themselves! Cry now apologize on national TV for? Damage is done and more and more people are curious liao! Anyway, my impression of Edison Chen is doomed!

Back to my original thinking, I was dreaming about Burma this morning, in a war and I was running and hiding away from soldiers. There are torned down buildings with broken doors lead to another place where obstacles are evident. I was just practically running but somehow the AK was stationery….

Then I woke up, and the sounds of jet planes and helicopters were hailing madly around Yishun.. it lasts for a 10 mins ….

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