• Serena Tan


After the Ak shown me several pictures of the now Dubai, my first impression of the city was like a heaven, all high tech modernly constructed.

It was just superb nice. I thought i wanted to plan my next holiday over there.

Even the hotels are so grand posh and near the sea. It looked just so fantastic! One room costs AED4000 which is

Live rates at 2008.05.20 04:20:36 UTC 4,000.00 AED = 1,491.13 SGD United Arab Emirates Dirhams Singapore Dollars 1 AED = 0.372782 SGD 1 SGD = 2.68253 AED

ok not exactly quite affortable!

see the international Hotel

And Burj-al-arab is said to be the BEST HOTEL in the WORLD!

check this out

Dubai City guide!

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