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Durians over producing…

My BOTH ankles starts painy recently again and for some reason, I couldn’t find any flats at home at all, so we got to shop a little after lunch 2 days ago in suntec to get a pair of flats for myself, me and susan.

A cheap pair to just comfortably enough for my feet to to walk from cityhall to suntect at least, every morning.

I think it starting to painy that week when the F1 formulae was in and there weren’t any bus to take us back to city hall in the evening, so the walking of my feet doubled each day.

Still (steel)…

The painy is lots painy then before. Chuckle. There goes MY high heel days.

I got another flats last evening over at Cheong Pang when thirak me and parents had dinner at the hawker.

It was a lot cheaper definitely, materially I have yet compare. Till one of it breaks… we’ll see

There were TONS of durains in cheong pang last night and thirak AK was mentioning that the trees were fast producing “”millions””” of durians this round and the seller couldn’t handle and was selling at S$1 each durian.

Then again, not all DURIANS, the smaller ones with pale colours were going at S$1 while the BLOOMING WITH FRESH exterior greeny colours with creamy MILKY flesh were a lot more expensive.

We got the 4 for S$10 and it was enough. I had 4 SEEDS and it was good. Yummy.

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