• Serena Tan

EarthQuake felt in our Office at 1 George

The Earthquake in Sumatra cause Singapore to shake so that the office buildings in shenton way was swinging to the sway to the EarthQuake. The first quake we felt was at 12pm about lunch time and at first I thought I was feeling giddy and hungry and ignore my syntom. Then everyone in the office was like “did you feel it” … ya ya I did but I was hungry. The building started swaying a little and “PAK PAK”, the cracks of the building could be heard!

Then quickly me and AhFa left the office and quickly took the lift with the rest of the building office staff evacuating to the lobby. While the rest of the humans (duno why standing at the lobby right underneath the building only), me and Fa scrambled to the main road and headed for lunch. Plan change and we had Macs instead. The first quake evacuation.

2 plus pm, the building inspector siren not to enter the building. SO the boss had us XLRe to the Archipelogo for a drink and when it was declared not safe, We were told to return home!

See some happy gaga

EQ Sumatra 6.6! OCBC told to return home after the first EQ!

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