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Eating so much when HO staff in Town with us

We been having severe makaning this and last week during luncheon.

The Genius man is in town from London and Esther dragged the 4 of us for luncheon every every day. She is a good superb host, definately, and we, yup had lots of different varieties of food for taste.

what was unique and weirdo was last week, apart from the restaurants we went, we brought him to Food Republic at Suntec convention.

What did esther buy?

Chicken Rice Dim Sum Hokkien Prawn Noodle Bibibam Maggie Mee Raman Fried Dough Sticks Loti Prata Kopi-O

of course not for her, for us all to share a little of everything. But imagine at the hawker you are seen eating a varities of these on your table, its a werido combination. Then again, it was to let the Ang mo taste a little of everything.

So it was quite good. and she taught me how to be a good host, yes I learnt a lot from her. IT makes the guest feel warmth and Singaporean.

and today we went to CRYSTAL jade, for TIM SUM, real DIM SUM, another yet authetic cuisine for the Ang Mo. Me and Irene were full to the brim, because it was simple too overwhelmingly good and they kept feeding ME!

then we had HERBAL JELLY for desert, the 3 of us that felt the heatiness inside. The Ang Mo wanted to try, had a taste, a small taste and i thought he felt weird.

But after hearing what the JELLY is made from, his face twitched BADLY!

my ladies colleagues can really eat!

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