• Serena Tan

Encounter with the Sea Spa for Eye Gel

I went to the Sea Spa With Susan before we met Adeline yesterday. Because of the samples I had previously from them when we passed by sometimes for luncheon at Marine Food Court, I thougth the eye gel was quite good to use.

So I wanted maybe, to get the eye gel.

me: “do you have eye gel please”

One of the sales girl came to help me. The products were from Israel, , the sales staff including man were mostly 80% AngMohs.

The products made from the dead sea (whatever that means), organic and very natural extractions.

sales girl: “let me show you, – you need serum to open your pores before applying eye gel. “

me: “ok”

So she applied the serum over my eye beneath where I had fine lines …on the right eye fine lines beneath.

sales girl:“ then you apply the eye gel to absorb better”

And she continued to apply over the same eye beneath fine lines.

sales girl:“ “ now the lines looks not as deep as just now… SEE” placing the mirror in front of my face.

I was trying hard to find the fine lines not so DEEP but it surely looked the same to me. Anyway Haha ok after all that fuss, I kept asking for the gel price .

Finally she showed me the price.

S$240 Eye gel + must get Serum S$160!

I said let me consider after seeing the LARGE price.

But she was persistent. “”why, its good your face so dry…””

“”yeah my pocket would be drier” I thought to myself.

sales girl:“ “”ok I give you half price serum if you get the eye gel”””

me: “no thanks I think about it and come back after lunch if I want””

sales girl:“ “what the problem? Is it too costly…??”” “”yeah””” definitely dumb sales girl. i said to myself again.

sales girl:“ “”ok ok I give you serum FREE if you buy the gel!”””

me: ” “”I’ll think about it” and I walked out with SUSAN!

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