• Serena Tan

End of Destiny Work Team Part 2 only hor

It was the team destiny last day n the Maria said to bring us to eat the Thai food over at opposite the building of ours…

Not bad eat but the service is terribly slow. I tell you I can’t stand the last wait which was the wait for desert and coffee. In the end, we had it all cancelled and went to AH Kun to tabao!

Waiting for the food …. main dishes. Everyone was quite shy to be on BLOOOOGGGG so, i had to secertly snap….

The Mango Thai Salad appetizer.

Damn good to eat ..I was probably famished then but then it was re-confirmed by Agnes… the nurse, but again, she was ravenous, worst than me… “”NOt bad eat hor, not bad eat hor“””.,… then her face BRight and Happy cause it was good food…

Yes its food again. But apart from that, the last 3 days I was cooped up in the meeting room with no space to mingle with my own work lest my table.

This Yu-Sheng entertained by 156 Ah chai to us, becuase it was his first day selling at the 156, and he treated us.. for good luck, health and whatever.. at least he was thoughtful to ask us..

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