• Serena Tan

End of Year Church Dinner at SICC Bukit club

AT SICC Bukit club

at dinner tables, the first 2 dish of the courses always seems delicious and immediately wiped off!

that is because, our stomachs are all empty and hungry already

standby to go play games in the front

we won of course!

Our table is of course my 2 aunties, my parents darling ak and me

and some jokers. quite entertaining and fun.

This year New year dinner! Good bye to 2008.

my last complain for the year, the SICC service was terrible! you can never

imagine a prestige club having such darn service.

The staff were poorly trained and not in the least of a even an average

typical chinese restaurant. Then to make matters worst, after the shark fin’s dish,

our table spoons were all cleared and we had only chopsticks for the rest of the

dishes… …. blur …

the food was .. cannot complain more. it was lousy except the cod fish.

COD fried fish..

and yes. my bloggie is full of food. no wonder i am getting fatter each other day.


i’m trying to make a “GET THINNER”” resolution … Tsk tsk!

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