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Endurance D&D

its almost Christmas day and 2 days away. Are we preparing enough?

nah actually no!

This Christmas was especially quiet. The weekie was spend looking at apartments after apartments, the darling AK and me and my parents went viewing apartments & it was good!

Because we have seen big large apartment, we have seen filty conditions living in some homes, and we have seen, condo type renovations livings , average living……and it was interesting.

Some apartments gave creepy feeling…. i tell you… those kind, you entered and you know, it gives the creeps, and some …foul smell.

So….we are still slowly viewing more … . . .

Just yesterday, me work company had our FIRST D&D ever.

First for the first few of us at 1st Rochester Park!

Seated outdoor garden type, me tell you , lucky its the end of the year, not too humid and there were some breeze but then


i duno about the rest of them .

we had 6 bottles of wine, french and white wine and my main COURSE was called

400 days 250g steak! JUICY JUICY! very shiok but of course, but for me, i would not go to that restaurant for dinner ..

D&D….. our 1st dinner and drinks.. what more can we do for the 8 of us .. so it was chit chat and dinner (VERY SUPER SLOW) dinner,

until Esther had to grab the manager and complain about the damn poor SERVICE served at 1 ROCHESTER PARK! (do you know she had to distribute the plates to us after the waiters just left the stack of plates in the middle of table expecting us to help ourselves.. gaga)

so terribily BAD service,

food WAS SEDAP though

Lots of chosen wine NOT AVAILABLE, the waiters dreaming away,COMPLAIN COMPLAIN… the manager had to served 3 plates of mixed platter of DESERT FREE for us!

(SERVICE CHARGE WAS AT S$140! in the bill …)

then because i had my dinner so late, the gases built up in my stomach until i was so bloated by the time i finished the 250g 400 DAYS steak!

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