• Serena Tan

Entering into 2008

How i zonk off into the start of the first hour of the 2008 was to nap a little on my bed while the family is drinking and merry chatting over at 156 coffeeshop.

then just few minutes before the countdown, i made my way to the 156 mingled a slight more little with them before calling a day and had a whole sleep through with the help of Desmond’s medicine till the next day 12pm. almost a 12 hour marathon slept! As far as I can remembered, was the first of my first time to be so “kuai”other than the family and the AK enjoying themselves over at the coffeeshop 156.

hemm, no drinks no food just sleep… and a new start to 2008!

Happy New Year 2008.

to my family to my AK to my Doggies to my Uncle Snop to my friends and EVERYONE ELSE!

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