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Everone loves a little Martell over the weekend

The summary of the weekend:-

We didn’t plan on any outing on Thursday night intending to reside in the room when some friends got the AK and me down at 10pm to Kings hotel for a little while. Since the ball started rolling, we ended up at our house coffeeshop for another 2 bottles of Guiness before calling it a day. The stomach of mine was already feeling awfully unwell then…

The Friday evening was sleep sleep sleep all the evening after reaching home. Somehow, my stomach flu turned into the pits with diahorrea and fatigue overtook me the whole day until the evening, I had little food for input…

At 12am, we left the house for the pub at Shenton when UncleHeng called. Ok,., hot martell for me for the churning stomach. IT was a leisurely cooling night with slow drinks to go, and I BACK TO MY GAME MACHINE! Its WAS SO FUN after –don-know-how-many-years didn’t play! SO FUN YOU KNOW! And they had 2 machines, so this round, me and Joyce need not take turns to have our desire fulfilled. We camped the 2 machines almost the whole night. HOT MARTELL for a stomach flu! It does super good! By the next morning, the diahorrea was minimize, what was great was, the appetite was back and the stomach flu was feeling upbeat better than the previous night.

Then to 7th month the AK’s dinner at UBI! Auction auction…. SO MUCH MARTELL THAT Night to bid and the most bids was small though and



Yeah in Sim Lim somewhere one of the 7th MONTH!

S$66,000.00… one bid 10 packets of rice! WOW genius!

Ok probably one in a few thousand years, I personally is the first time I heard such a high bid. SO EAT the rice must eat all hor, cannot waste.

Back to our dinner, we didn’t had much to eat! I was quite mesmerised by the bids and auctions to see the highest bid that night which was at $3333 i think… for a bucket of coin bank! CUte right. We had nice dinner though, the standard was there and i quite enjoy the meal if not for the stupid stomach that had recovered only 80%! GAGA!

And the AK made another appointment with my AUNTY KIM, AUNTY CHYE, Daddy & Mummy and my COUSINss… at O1. Reached there 1030pm sit until 330am.. lor. DO what ? DRINK MARTELL 1 litre martell S$140… cheap hor. Everyone loves a nice bRANDY and 7 of us drank except the mummy of mine!

Drink talk and was merry! almost 5 hours of drinking at a coffeshop, i thought i want to take some minutes the next round to see the topics that we covered! SO MUCH THINGS TO TALK MEH? MARTELL BEER TALK HUH!

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