• Serena Tan

Everything breaks down on me

uneventful events these dayss …

1. the washing machine broke down on me. The motor started churning in its own most loud sound, orh orh ORH ORH! With an awful burned smell! Then the water in the machine got suck right into the wash of my bed sheets.

How much effort we tried to get the machine going, it went dead. Darling ak had to bring the sheets out and after handwashing it, we hand squeezed the large bed sheets with our strength. MUCH effort.

2. on the night after we came home from 156, the room filtration air purifier collapse and all water filled half the room.

The motor went ORH ORH ORH and a burned smell emitted from the damage motor.

We spent the night mopping the room floor.

3. At Bishan after my facial, Yeng me n darling AK went for dinner. I was super craving for good char kway tiao. “the other side better” mary told us.

So we went to other coffeeshop.

Char Kway tiao was tasteless and awful. The worst I had I think.

4. We took the train back to Yishun with darling AK on a single ticket trip.

The machine went dead on the refund and pushed a receipt to collect the deposit at the counter.

S$1 refund.

At the counter, I had to register my name ic and reason. Wasn’t it the machine’s fault? Why should I register my NAME and IC easily to people? When the machine was able to refund the single trip ticket, why didn’t the machine ask for our name and IC?

Worst was the Machine churned a receipt ticket to collect the S$1.

Isn’t this prove of refund already.

I shouted at AK “” LIKE AS IF WE ARE COLLECTING S$100 like that””” skali the SMRT staff heard and tried to explain that they needed proof for the S$1 refund.

“” It’s the machine fault not ours,…. “ we told him.

How can we easily give our particulars to public? And it wasted much time for something not our problem.

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