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Exercise Roll i usually do

Any one realized it’s the

Thursday and incidentally, it’s my last Chinese 2008 working day!

Yahoo. That’s because I had taken for myself additionally leave, on top of the public holidays.

I kept cracking my neck, its feels super shiok, when you hear the “CRACK” sound at the bend, especially hours at the table looking at the screen (ironically now) for hours and hours.

The office collar ache!

So Aunty Kim recently brought a cardboard roll for me, REALLY super hard cardboard roll from the office for the neck. Apparently, at certain therapy Sinseh sessions for the neck ache, the sinseh made the humans laid on this HARD ROLL thingy and all you have to do is,

Laid down straight, the cardboard roll placed beneath the neck, and you turned your head slowly left to right and left to right.

And it helps.


So we had our own self therapy at home with the cardboard roll on the bed,

Neckie exercises…

the cardboard roll looks something like this, but its a lot harder HARD!

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