• Serena Tan

Eyes of the sky

WHERE’S MY YOGA?! I NEED one now.., a soothing one. Been a while since I stopped yoga-ing. Me mother is making some light snacks for her lazy daughter right now. The thing is I never felt hungry this week until today, I feel hungry….. I guesss should be the thought that its Friday and the body is a little relax. Or could be the two days non-stop rain…..

Now how do I describe the weather… hmmm

The eyes of the sky is like the human naked eye. In times dryness, heatness and a accumulation of droplets in the clouds which we call of pain, sadness, or even a moment of joy, a touch of heart, brings the most vulnerable weakness part of the area, breaking into huge droplets of water we call tears. Clouds that could no longer hold the heaviness that the condensation, the water has accumulated broke down into rain, we break down into tears when our heart no longer can suppress the pressure and pain. The eyes of the sky and human…….

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