• Serena Tan

F1 & the worries at home…

Its over finally.

Our singapore office underwriting were undergoing some furthur training to our knowledge from very nice 2 ladies from New York. Very helpful and cheery ladies and compassionate at least.

+ last evening the EARTHQUAKE shook the building we were in and at first i thought was me feeling giddy but no, it SHOOK the building, the indonesia quake. And so we headed home at 630pm.

Then this morning, we FELT THE ANOTHER QUAKE from nearby of yesterdays’ QUAKE in Indonesia. It was milder than yesterday but the quake was not a good one in Indonesia.. STILL we thought the better of running down… tsk tsk

So since after the crash human traffic in town area recently because of the F1, we had a day to work from home right before the F1 started, on Friday.

Which was thankfully not the PEAK period so we didn’t have much to work from home any how, at least for me, the assistant.

I brought home a few days before the F1 race a stack of betting slips from Singapore Pool and just before we proceed to the counter to place our bets, thiRak AK & I were thinking in the room, randomly picking something to bet on, just to make our watching the F1 a more interesting and anxious one.

So he picked

1. HAMILTON the winner

2. McLaren-Mercedes as the team winner. 2 bets And

We hit the bull’s eye. Very interestingly, just that the odds was terribly little, still, it was interesting to watch when you had a bet on hand. So we managed just to recover our cost.

Daddy was having a hard time these past weeks with his new found sickness that came rather suddenly. So bad he didn’t attend work for at least 2 weeks till this week, and he came home every other noon time as he was still in bad pain.

So I was quite worried too , his age is catching up, and we tried the western and sinseh, still his pain is bothering him so much, at times, I believe he might have felt so frustrated.

I hoped he recovered very quickly soon, we would pray.

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