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Facebook is Senuk

to let AK read his newspaper in peace without me gigg gigg gigg at him,

he gave me a topic to write in the bloggie.


Where have we been these 2 weeks in our spare time other than 156 and meeting Anson and Joyce?

We have been at FACEBOOK playing all type of games available.

Sure to keep you busy all night long. Addictive and WHAT?? Not costly a mere bit….. What’s most fun is, when your friends start to challenge you in the game, that is so inspirational, inspired to have the higher and higher score.

Familiar game: Bejewel Biotronic

and so we kept ourselves busy after work at times, and these weekieneds, playing FACEBOOK games. Both at the same screen as a team. Chuckle.

While at home this weekend, I fell “ill” last afternoon, so we stayed home the whole day, including the night. Also the weather was so dreadfully humid and blistering hot, just a short while in the cooffeshop for lunch was totally unbearable.

Why so scorching hot? I could literally feel breathess and oppressive. Then I start to wonder at those workers having to work under the hot boiling weather. I couldn’t even stand for a 5 min. What ever happened to our weather??

Still, the darling Ak got me out of the house this evening for a walk in Sembawang Park at the beach. My mother, was so eager to join in, went along. A Short stroll of half an hour and back here to FACEBOOK, the current addiction….

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