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Family Makaning Gathering over the weekend!

 Because of the ongoing project and in appreciation for it, Uncle Steven wanted to give some makan to Thirakdarling and his partner Mr Boon. So he gathered our families together during the saturday evening to his cricket Club for a makaning session at the restaurant.

Also, Uncle Steven became a grandfather of 2 during this weekend.

We had some good indian nun roti prata satays and assorted makans which was quite good.

At the Cricket Club Restaurantat the Cricket Club rest

at the Cricket Club restat the Cricket Club rest

at the Cricket Club rest

Aunty Kim & Mommy

Ak, Uncle Steven, Boon

Priscilla, Jennifer

Jennifer, Priscilla

AK, Andre

Eating his Nun

Must do dish in our gatherings

Another must DO dish in our gatherings

 and followed by drinks, of plenti, at the lounge after the makan.

Brandys, Whisky, and wine.

Over at the lounge

Over at the lounge

Over at the lounge

Over at the lounge


and just Yesterday Sunday, the AuntyKim brought us to Grand Shanghai for another yet dinner, because she had the discount voucher.

And also, she been trying to bookie dinner place at grand shanghai but its always very packed else having some wedding and ‘not available ‘ for dinner.

So this night, it was finally free for a dinner for us,. and we get to eat the food as well.

This is the DUCK tougue.. arhh... ok,.. i only touch one. i didnt acquire the taste for it..

US !


And the weeki-end was over just like that. 2 dinners gatherings and its another brand new week.

its Good!

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