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Family Trip in Bangkok

Its weird whenever I entered the airport especially in Bangkok, the stomach would be in a hunger pang for the delicacies of the local food. And strange that the stomach no matter the amount of food I had earlier would crave a little of food in the airport.

4days in the City of Bangkok, this time round with the family of mine and the Aunt Jenny 156 who bunked in with us, me and the AK.

I didn’t out beat the old folks in shopping and walking. Surprisingly, my legs couldn’t take me further than I usually could! Tired and aching easily .. I must have joined the era of the elderly. I am getting of age!

We had lots to eat, road side stall snacks, fried stuff and tons of fellowship together in our spare time. An advantage when you go traveling with the old folks, you get lots of pampering and care. This is the family love!

What was so cute was in the split, me, daddy aunty jenny and the AK carried all the shopping bags and couldn’t managed to hail the cab at the roadside and I thought might as well hail a cab at the cab-stand at MBK. LONG queue and no taxis available. In fact there were plentiful of taxis, but the location didn’t seem to attract the TAXIS and empty TAXI in to MBK and empty TAXI out of MBK. The taxi-drivers were our customers, NOT we are the customers.

Our last resort was the TU-TUS and we went back to location one, the main road, which the price was steep, (we had no choice but to board the TUTU), 3 adults filled the seat which I had to squat at the foot rest.. Daddy was trying to block me from the opening and in his concern, kept forgetting to hold the handrail and I in turn, in my concern, kept making noise to ask him to grab the handrail at the fast un-stable TUTU…

It turned out almost the last day, the poor daddy of mine had a what-he-thought was a stomach upset and later diahorrea which all of us imagine to be stomach flu/food poisoning. So he stayed at the hotel room the last night resting.

We were definitely getting apprehensive and worried over his health.

We arrived at the airport almost an hour late, plane delayed, some transit passengers had their luggages in the plane we were in but THEIR BODIES are not in the plane. TO play precaution, the captain waited but since the BODIES were still not in the plane seated, they had their luggages removed. TIME wasted. When we went to Bangkok, the TG flight delayed for an hour as well… Hemmm.. TG or ..

So , this mooring Daddy and Mummy left to the doctor to check his health, to the dismay, it didn’t sound good. They were out the whole day, from the general doctor, referred to the specialist in East Shore and to lower the costs, they referred to daddy at Raffles because the condition didn’t sound good.

So while me and the AK had an early dinner over at his mother’s, my MOM called to say that Daddy has to be further observed and to be hospitalize later after our late reunion dinner at 830pm……… I think I am quite worried!

The photos…

In the Van to Changi Airport,. We rented a van to fetch the 7 of us to and from the Changi Airport. All for the togetherness…

Boring faces after the long wait. Still have to board the plane but sian of waiting and waitng.

Some more waiting when landed in Bangkok Airport, the transfer had more other people to fetch in the same transport. So the last batch of people didn’t turned up, the AK offered to help the agent to hold the name board while the agent was on the line. Agent quite short also. Waited and waited.. Huge massive jam on the way to the Grand Diamond, by the time we checked in to the hotel, it was almost 6pm Singapore time!

Finally, back to Chinatown for the Green side seafood… bbq food….. CRABS were simple bbq and sweet. Yummy!

Lala !

Crabies outside

Daddy and Aunty Kim walking along Chinatown

Aunty Jenny after her several toilet visits

Dry stuff over at Chinatown

Looking at us buying rubbish maybe?

Settling down for some dessert after the seafood….

??””” whatever you called it!

Breakfast at Grand Diamond, the spread was good!

When you are heated up and hot and thirsty, the coke looks superb!

Everyone was tired from the walking, we had dinner tabao in the hotel!

About the picture is all the royal families taken together..

The walk to the 4faced Buddha cum MKB

At Central

At Central Obviously..

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