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Father’s Day

Last Saturday we celebrated Daddy’s Day in Jumbo Stadium Walk .

AT the walk

 A day, an occasion where we can find a chance to come together and be merry together and makan together. Not that we meet very seldom, but in fact, we do this every week… its only the location and the ambience of the food centre or restaurants changes.

So to us, i guess, it was just any other weekends, that we all come together for makan and had some wine and catchup on each other week’s affairs.

But anyhow, we thought we come 1 week early to avoid the crowd, ( if there were any) for the Father’s day dinner.

Some people, or rather ” commerically”  says that Mother’s Day are MORE observed by the people rather than Father’s day. Usually, when in comparison between the dinners out celebration for the Mother’s day would be a lot more than the Father’s day dinner. People usually pay more attention to the dinners for Mother’s Day ..

why? I don’t know.

some says because the mother bore the child in the womb for 9 months, probably the attachment bond closeness is evident.

some days because woman are more sensitive and therefore, “need to bring the woman out to make her happy””.

I should think so, because MEN in general are not in particular about things like these, and therefore, do not closely observed occasions like these, or not really bothered if ‘their’ day was celebrated or not.. hahaha !

Anyway, our time in Jumbo Stadium Walk…. for Daddy’s Day!

Large Bamboo ClamsMy Cousin Daddy N Momma

If i was given an essay to write , with the topic 

“My Father..” what would i write? in 3 simple sentences.

This is what I would write:-

– My Daddy dote on me a lot and pampers me a lots

– My Daddy Tries his best in his ability to provide for me and  MY needs seemed to be his first priorities ..

– My Daddy is a Christian ..

and we are all still learning everyday to walk in God’s obedience, to walk accordingly to His words and in total fear of our God! Everyday is a learning process…and I”m so blessed that we all know God  .. personally..

back to Jumbo:

I didnt take much pizs, i don’t know why.

The food was good but a “sian” liao, because just these few weeks, we had quite a bit of these sort of chinese seafood. I should have had a better idea the next occasion we would have…

But our gathering is always good.

on another thought, if commerically, this day is set aside for “Father’s Day” for us to think about and to pay more attention during this day..

And if I called Our Father, Our Father, Our Lord.. then this day is out to Him too.

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