• Serena Tan

Fighting with myself over breakfast

I’m so awake in the early early morning so i made my way to work very early.

then i thought of breakfast, Macs breakkie!

Sausage Mcmuffin. yummy yummy, so chokeD with delight, i thought of the sausage.

Just ONE sin, once a while a bit of MEAT is okay, i was telling myself. its meat, and its beef… and worst its fast food processed.. then i thought of the COW! That’s the headache!

Forget it. So my mind switched to Pancake.

So i went to cityhall to get the Pancake for brekkie.

then the Menu with BIG pictures GREETED ME the moment i entered the door.

“PANCAKEsss with Sausage….” gosh, tempting again.

Quickly i told the lady my order


PS. the reason why i wakie so early because i took the drowsy medicine, flu tablet and the cough syrup and again, its causing me to lose sleep

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