• Serena Tan

Fill in the BLANKS

Benji was pretty much upset because we had him kept by our side, in the air-conditioned room even when the parents were home and he was still in the room.

He couldn’t stopped nagging after that when he was released into the hall. What a cute tease!

He is damn cute!

I found this fill-in meme :-

And since I was on lunchie duty.. I was kinda bored FILL IN 1. The _____ had an extra secret ingredient; it was _____! ( i havent had my lunchie… food for thought only)

2. _____ through my window. ( there is no window at my duty station)

3. Right now, I need _some GOOD SLEEP ____.

4. _156____ is where I went Thursday night; it was _ok . I had a bottle of Guinness only with additional CAN of Guinness from Ah Chai____.

5. Why does _TODAY___ hurt so much?

6. All I can think of is the _SICK AK____.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to _having dinner at 156 with my parents, its MOTHER’S DAY & we had ordered pre-ordered our dinner with AhChai Already… yummy____, tomorrow my plans include _tentitively, collect passport & shopping at BUGIS (i can do away with shopping actually)____ and Sunday, I want to _REST____!

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