• Serena Tan

Finale ‘The Little Nyonya’

AND we rushed home to catch the finale of the show at 8pm. Of course, we been watching it faithfully every other nights showing because it made US SOSOSO so addicted to the storyline.

tell me who acted the best? Did Yueniang perform extradionary acting or the Bad mother-in-law or the Mad girl. Or charlie zhang or Robert Zhang or Chen XI?

WHO DID A GOOD ACTING ACTING as in REAL ACTING!! pantun? UNCLE SHENG maybe? He very comical always Pantun Pantun. Very cute character.


kan cheong, everyone is talking about it. watching and going back early just to catch every EVERY episode. The whole show was good actually, quite a good storyline.

For US who watch the episodes nightly, now that it has ended, Feel like the night has gone empty, do you feel that there is nothing in the night on TV to look forward to..

i don’t know but i DEFINATELY do! and I am sure many thousands and thousands have learnt tons in this Nonya and Baba life….

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