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Finally I had a good sleep

I think I really zonked out last night right after the show “dangerous encounter” on channel 8, or probably before the end of the short story. It was a good sleep !

I was not-so-brutually battered last evening over at the Chinese-physio theraphy, maybe because I gotten used to it. Still it was quite painful when he does the veins/nerve-massage. But definitely, the body felt loosen and in a better shape than the whole day. Daddy initiated a dinner last night before my session with the physio at East Coast! Guess what we had? Wan tan Mee! Because all the favourite stalls were closed for one reason or the other. Its always the case isn’t it,. For me and the AK!

Stalls closed whenever the crave was around.

Everyone in Singapore is getting concern over the escape of the suspect-terrorist, while tiny bits of detailed important information start to fall into the news after 1 week of escape, which I thought wasn’t any longer use, for us to look out, it had become a part of Singaporean’s everyday topic and sometimes, jokes among ourselves.

Still it can be quite scary not knowingly, a terror escapee was still at large, somewhere, in Singapore or in the neighbour countries.

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