• Serena Tan

First day of work in 2007

Long weekend pass by so quickly, its back to work sooner than anyone can imagine.

Genting was overly packed with visitors. The human traffic was tremendously jam in and out of Genting and especially the casino but we managed to get around anyhow. The friend came and join us in the fun the next day and brought us to KL Turf Club. Gee that was kind-of-fun, if not for our worn-out bodies that endured for 7 hours inside betting on all the races. And the driving back to bishan 151 took about 5 hours after dinner at some seafood restaurant in KL (I think). Reached the 151 at 2am… awaited the almost-high-state 151ssss.. And guess what? We ordered Macs at 151 and drank and be merry till 8am, in the morning. I was so depleted until now I could feel my body in a battered state. So much so I was contemplating for an off day today. Just a thought though.

Photos and more updates to follow

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