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food and more food

I would hate to come into the office to pull a stupid long face, or maybe to have someone pull the long face the whole wide day.. it really mades the whole office a dark boring ..

Imagine the work place is like these…-

It would be so enjoyable…

But anyhow the other side of the office is luncheon,

I don’t know if I was being smart, sotong-ly blur or just didn’t hear. Maybe I was tired today, the bloody brains not working well.

The groupie went to circular road for duckie rice. Its was lots of ducks chop up today. Just nice just a little too salty maybe..

Then before heading for coffeeshop, the Agnes and I wanted to get some lucky at the 4D shop 7-11 and the rest “” tong-ban”” us.

It turned out I understood wrongly and drew more money for CY and CW who has “ton-bang” to buy for them…

Nevermind, lucky agnes was around to foot the remaining of the balances….

Last evening,

Mummy brought us to a new stall to try the assam fish head that she has been craving for a while liao ever since she saw some humans eating at 156 the other night.

It was opposite Boon Tong Keng in Balestier. Definitely to me, it was more economical and less expensive than the Boon Tong Keng that has become so commericialise…

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