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Food for the Soul

and if we are feeling discouraged, bored , dismay….

And from the Lord’s daily bread of today complimentary from the big head:-

Look upon the things above – the power and strength and majesty of our loving Heavenly Father – and get yours eyes off the things below – your circumstances, your weakness, your fears (Colossians 3:2 HCSB)

“God keeps reminding me that he has the power to change this situation immediately, so it doesn’t matter if anyone is at fault, God is still in control.” When fear enters any situation, we become defensive and less trusting. We focus on fairness and on protecting our rights. Consider what happens when someone brings fear into your environment – perhaps a fellow employee, perhaps a boss, maybe a family member or a friend. Their fear shows up as criticism, defensiveness, or manipulation, and it soon infects nearly everyone, pushing them toward self-protection – toward reactive decisions instead of thoughtful responses.

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