• Serena Tan

Forest Meme

1.Have you ever pooped in the woods?

yeah only the small type of woods, not jungle or thicky forestation. That was the old Pulau Ubin forest, that’s about it!


I was the girl guide then.

2. You are starving. You have not had anything to eat for days. In front of you is poison ivy, a live hissing cockroach, and a rotten stinky piece of some sort of mystery meat to eat. Which would you pick and why? I will not eat anything. Poision IVY is out, COCKROACH IS DEFINATELY out and eating the mystery meat is never in my first PRIORITY!

BECAUSE it could be rotten and full of maggots. WHAT’s MORE? i might get a stomach ache or food posioning, then agonizing my time in the STUPID FOREST!!!!!!!!!!

3. Bottled or Tap water?

depends where lor. Singapore – both can also Thailand – BOttled water Malaysia – BOttled water.

what else?

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