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Foundational skills for individual

The 2 days in the meeting room for the foundational skills for individual course, or more to knowing how individuals work and evaluation so to be able to work efficiently and productively. The word “productively””, maybe not yet.

So before the course started, we were told to evaluate ourselves and to request in or out colleagues to evaluate us as well. Of course, surveys are quite rigid at times, still there has to be a result. Some of my in colleagues got 1 sheet – meaning to say : evaluation of others and own evaluation is the same . While Susan and me got 2 sheets, – meaning to say: evaluation of others and own evaluation is different.

Results: Analytical and Expressive. Results: Analytical from the others, Expressive in our social life.

she and me had the same results though.

Analytical were evaluated from our colleagues.

Analytical in simple brief explanation is someone – organize – factual soft monotone – left brainers – blah blah blah blah blah no need explain expressive.

I must say, the course was enrichingly good. Knowing oneself and our selves. Idea? was to promote better working environment.

hitting back to when i was so much younger…

I remembered I did this about around 10 years ago in my previously previously company,. They were into promoting a very good working and knowing each other type of company. We had LOTS OF THESE personality training, knowing oneself and we had coloured coded attached to. We even had trips to batam (I think) and had LOTS of games to know what type oneself is. We DID SO MUCH SO MUCH emphasize on oneself .

But the company didn’t turn out well. THEY STARTED RETRENCHING, they stopped doing treaties business, they closed down the depts. Depts. .. THERE WERE lots of knives at the back of the colleagues. And most of us then all left.

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