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Friday AT King’s


The AK jio a number of people to King’s to gather and be merry and some of the 156-ers people. When we came back in the late noon, me and the AK fell asleep almost immediately and woke up 15mins before we were due to meet the rest at 156 for makan then cab to go to Kings’

We made it however.

The parents had company dinner so joined us after their dinner. It was fun but having been out of the “”night”” life for a while, it was quite tiring for me..

Molly and the AK

Me and Yeng

Me and Bolimo.. the almost high Bolimo

AK and the Yeng

Bolimo and Aunt Jenny. Aunt Jenny grew tired after a while and as usual, disappeared from us for an hour to sleep outside..

Can see Aunt Jenny’s eyes half asleep liao.. the parents and the AK

My parents and their daughter

Daddy sang a Cantonese/hokkien song (I can’t remember) and got aunt Jenny excited who grabbed the other mike.. and sang along..

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