• Serena Tan

Friday Cheong – silliness

A typical Friday cheong night! Very funny thought and quite lots of laughter just the only 3 of us..

Lets start at the normal taking photos initially where we had our appetizers at King’s hotel.

Cute right , the MS YENG with the satay sticks. Very nice leh.

The continuation of the satay sticks…

Daddy and Daughter,, (dun misunderstand again)

Needless to say, still normal photos taking !

Then to obvious disco area

Probably to make our selves more enjoyable, we started the si-bay-o-bang photos taking session…

The array of stupidness – yeng and me! GRP 1!

The array of 2nd stupidness – yeng and the AK ! GRP 2!

Group 3 to the stupidness photos taking..!

The silliness of everyone… Actually think about it? Everyone was spontaneously willing to pose the stupid shots… quite cute leh!

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