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Gate Crashing@ Yishun Dinner

Last night at the dinner function, we had a gate crasher.

Elderly lady with full make-up and well dress, she came to the seat beside me and took the table handy and started wiping the water droplets that had been on the seat, RIGHT beside ME!

My parents, jenny annie the darling Ak and I were staring at her for a moment, to what is she doing? Probably one the staff trying to clean the wet seat.

NO, she was a gate crasher and almost wanted to place her BACKSIDE on the seat after drying the wet seat, when we TOLD her that the seat was taken and we have , a total of 10 already on this table.

She walked away to gate crash other tables, which wasn’t quite successful,

Finally, we saw her walked out of the tentage. That’s the end of her non-successful gate crash. Gagaga

One hour later, we realized she was seated at Ah Chai’s table instead and munching away at the food without any embarrassment. EVEN when all the people turned up for that table and there wasn’t enough seats, because she had taken one (and nobody knows her) , she didn’t stand up or care but continue poking at the dishes.

Say, pity or not to pity For me NO. She is old doesn’t mean its our BURDEN to feed her. She is hungry AT OUR OWN EXPENSE?

How can!

If every one is like her, what the reason for earning money? We earn money just to feed all these?

Especially those people at the coffeshop, equest for HOR FUN request for FRIED rice or cigarettes at OUR EXPENSES!

Tsk tsk. Think about it. in the long run, how can we tahan!

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