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Gathering for Year End

LT last day in the office 31Dec2007, so she got a little snack for tea break for all of us..

LT farewell snack Appie Pie which was a little too sourish for me. So me didn’t eat more than 3 bites, don’t know how to appreciate actually. Its me again!

The Appie Pie, 3 solid large pieces. …

Us in the office

The few of us arranged for a dinner gathering over at New York New York! Si bay funny, few girls gathered around to be a market, we really made tons of noises, especially the noisy funny Neo! Don’t see her like that, once she start to talk, nobody can put on a stern face!

Western food, not the very cup of tea for me. So me wasn’t too excited over the selection of food. The girls were quite smart, to chose a few appetizers and 3 main dishes for sharing.

Appetisers, Menu names were, Shamless Shrimps, Fried Mushrooms, and buffalo Wings… The moment I savour the food, I got a little appetite back!

Thinking why Tham and Neo look not directly at the camera, trying to act like the oldies, look here look there just not directly. CUTE BAY! MaChiam want to act!

“Jardine”” was shaking the Buffalo wings very hard, the camera couldn’t withstand the shock of her motion.

Carol a bit cute right, candid shots here with her Buffalo Wings.

The girls just liked the BUFFALO wings so bloody much,….

Hey, we finally got the whole group photo … thanks to the friendly waiter.

Main DISH – needless to spell.. the infamous Fish and CHIPS Quote: “ the fish not fresh one la, .. got a bit of smell…”

Main DISH – Spare PORKIE Ribs,,, Carol did the slicing and debone the ribs…

MAIN DISH – CHICKEN (half only hor) the other end– Nancy’s job to spilt the half pathetic chicken.

Quote: “ the chicken like frozen one la, taste frozen leh….” Quote:Of course la, this kind of place, what you expect…”

more pictures here:-

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