• Serena Tan

GE Money

I must have scared the GE guy off yesterday noon. While processing the scraping stuff, signing the transfer and scraping documents on the 9th floor and while waiting for processing, the loan guy promptly went off back to 11th floor.

So we stood there waiting in vain while I had to request from the scrap guy to call the load guy to let me sign the loan papers while waiting, instead of wasting my BLOODY lunch time.

What did the loan guy said? He insisted that I went up to 11th floor. Apparantly he had another appt. I made hell of a noise until the 9th floor guy had to call the 11th floor loan guy and he came down to let me sign the documents. And think I told him that he had to speed up his movements and after signing the loan documents, I ask him if I NEED TO SIGN THE GIRO FORM AND HE SAID NO ITS OK! And I QUICKLY left…

And what? I was told to call him because he told gary that I didn’t sign the GIRO FORM. I didn’t call him!

THE LOAN Guy called me after a few hours and I FUCKed him. He apologised saying the situation was too messy and he got disorientated. So I’m going to see him later during lunch later today and maybe be VERY nice to him …….to make up for it la…. Sigh…. Poor young chap.

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