• Serena Tan

Gestures that made me ponder..

After the late-work home, I passed by the lift to the letter box, vaguely noticing at the side of my eye , A lady-cum neighbour who was waiting already at the lift and the lift-car was already reaching the ground floor but I just walked passed the lift to the letter box to check for mails.. deciding to take my time and not rush for the oncoming lift-car.

i was sorting out the mails and rubbish advertisments at the wastebins and when i walked back to the lift, the lady-cum neighbour was ALREADY IN  the lift-car and holding the DOOR ….waiting for me!

i was so paiseh.. i said OH IM SORRY! U dont have to… and quickly dash in. She said ITS LATE and its ok to wait, else i would have to wait for the next lift-car..

wow you don’t know how many times i thanked her before reaching ‘my’ floor … our neighbour that was so kind lived on the 7th…

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