• Serena Tan

Getting back to Work

I seriously think its hard to wake up to a brand new morning after several days of lazing around to walk to the train station and back to work.

I felt like an alien. Blurish and sotong and in my morning daze! Then I noticed this student in her hurried steps to the traffic lights and I followed suit and fastern my pace to catch up with the student as the traffic lights was already in the red halt! Finally we got across the road to the train station, both of us got our cards out to tap to the gantry … Both of us were not allowed access… “”” PLEASE TOP UP YOUR CARDS….”””

I was lucky to enter into the empty train and rushed to grab a seat to continue my beauty sleep (not very the beauty I thought, I was practically dozing and swinging left to right… ) Still in the MRT-NAP, I nearly collapse and fell during the escalator ride up ……

Moral: lazing too long is not actually a good thing… Gaga

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