• Serena Tan

Getting New songs for my IPOD-ie

We are so engrossed in our new farm these days, I forgot my bloggie totally. Not forgetting also I left moodless to blog during these period, so you could see.


AGAIN, today at the train inside, this man seated beside me this morning listening to his songs in his handphone, I took the chance to glimpse and it was JAM Michael Jackson’s. As I was complaining to myself yesterday on the way to work, I was sick of my SONGS in my IPOD. Over and over again, so tired of the songs inside except for the Korean Serials that I am still watching in my IPOD.

So I was contemplating to get new songs for my IPOD. I was urging to ask him, “ hey! Can you BOO-TOOTH me the MJ’s songs or not???””” Wanted to ask but didn’t ask of course. Then I took a short nap giving up the idea!

Then I thought MJ’s been ripped off too much by the greedy people. The most disgusting was the 20million pay out to the RIPPERS! All his hard earned goes to these f*** rippers. Exploiters!

What a sad life he led…..

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